The 1st Music PLC meeting was held September 9, 2013 at Huntersville Elementary in Monica Adams Music Classroom.
11 people attending including Mr. Mark Propst.
Members were assigned "homework" to bring in resources for the following:
1. Ipad Apps for Music and teaching.
2. Lesson plans
3. Lesson plan templates
4. Chorus repertoire
5. Strategies to use to collect and assess student work.

All of the information will be collected at the second meeting and posted to the website to be used by the Elementary Music Teachers in CMS.

Meeting #2 October 14, 2013

Julie Royer has posted the Core Memory Songs to the PLC's wiki site for the grades K-5. These songs can be used for the first and second quarters of teaching this year.

Ipad App for keeping any kind of seating chart is called "CHART KEEPER" for IPAD. (Do NOT edit the title of the class because you will lose your information!) It has attendance/In Session/Edit Layout. You can make it any configuration that you need. You can add "girl" icons and "boy" icons. Submitted by Carolyn Whitener.

Reminder to sign up for the state NCMEA conference in Winston Salem Nov. 9-13. Go online to sign up.

Music Resources for Chorus:
Music Express-
MK-8 Magazine-
Activate Magazine- (submitted by Monica Adams).
Music and Literacy-

Brilee Music Co.-music composed for Middle School students but they have a lot of unison and SA music. (Submitted by Patti Anderson).

Program submitted by Belinda Derry-Snow Biz a musical for winter.

Lesson plan submitted by: Heidi Schoffstall. _

Lesson Plan Templates submitted by Patti Anderson

Choral Library at River Gate submitted by Patti Anderson

Rhythm Resources: (good for K&1)
Literacy=Please Puppy Please (Tah and te te patterns)-use dog bones instead of popsicle sticks.
Old Devil Wind - Submitted by: Heather Lee
Pete The Cat-you can download series! Download on IPOD.(Kids love and good for behavior.)
Rockin In My School Shoes (Good for K-3)-good for music genres.
Groovy Buttons-you can view this on YouTube. (Download on Gaggletube)
Harper Collins website-download for free!

Sound Scape Book Examples:

You Tube-Hoot the Owl from Sesame Street.SCAT (adorable video-submitted by Heidi Schoffstall.)

Copyright discussion and disclaimer for programs re: not videotaping children during performances.
*upload rubric sheets and What Can I Do To Improve form. Submitted by Monica Adams.

Assessing Pitch-How do you do it?
One idea: "What's The Weather Like Today?" submitted by Heather Lee.
Taking Roll Assessment-submitted by Julie Royer
Call and Response Songs-using pretend mics/tossing ball/-submitted by Patti Anderson.
John Feierabend-has many call and response songs (P.A.)